dewa frequently asked questions

Moving your abode is not just about transporting material; you need loads of new services to settle into your new home. If you are moving into Dubai, apart from finding the best movers in Dubai, you will need to arrange and set up your water and electricity connections as well. That is where the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) comes in. This article focuses on frequently asked questions, or FAQs, about DEWA, and aims to make you familiar with the body and its functions.

Let’s start with the first FAQ: What is DEWA?

Founded in 1992, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority is an autonomous body for renewable energy storage and expansion. DEWA is a public service infrastructure company and the sole water, electricity, and sewerage provider in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions about DEWA Move-in Services

When you are moving into Dubai, we recommend getting yourself familiarized with the essential services beforehand. To activate DEWA for your new place, you should know the following.

Do I Need Ejari to Acquire a DEWA Connection?

Yes, an Ejari tenancy contract is required. It is a mandatory document if you want to apply for a DWA connection.

How to Register for Ejari?

To get yourself registered for Ejari, you can use the following online resources:

  • Ejari portal on the DLD website
  • DLD Dubai REST App

However, please note that, usually, the property agency handling the transaction takes the responsibility for getting the Ejari account.

What is the Fee for Ejari?

Ejari fee can be broken into two: Ejari Issuance fee and Service charges.

  • Issuance fee: The amount of 170 AED is to be paid to the Real Estate Regulatory Agency or RERA. You can pay this amount at any RERA-approved centre or authorized property management company.
  • Service charges: 45 AED is to be paid to the RERA-approved centre and 40 AED is to be paid to authorized property management companies for Ejari issuance.

What is DEWA’s One Step Move-in?

When the Ejari is issued, you can initiate the automated move-in process. This provides great convenience and the process is swift. The data is automatically sent to DEWA; they process it and your account is created. Hence, your electric connection is set up just in a couple of days.

How can I use the One-Step Move-in?

When your Ejari is created and your account with DEWA is ready, you will receive an email and SMS from DEWA with details for the security fee. You will need to deposit the fee. Once the payment is made, the utility services will be activated.

Do I need to Submit any Documents to Avail Move-in Services?

Only the Ejari is required to apply for Move-in service. This means you do not need to submit the tenancy contract to apply for DEWA move-in.

Frequently Asked Questions about DEWA Move-out Services

The move-out service is also referred to as the deactivation of electricity and water. When you are moving out, you are required to deactivate the supplies for your abode.

To do this, you will need to provide the following:

  • Final bill payment
  • Mobile number
  • Move-out date

What is the Fee for Move-out Services?

This fee can be broken down as:

  • Disconnection of water and electricity for small meters: 100 AED
  • Disconnection of water and electricity for large meters: 100 AED
  • Knowledge fee: 10 AED
  • Innovation fee: 10 AED

What Documents Do I Need to Acquire Move-out Services?

To avail DEWA move-out service, you need to produce the following documents:

  • Emirates ID
  • Authorization letter (if required)

In the case of commercial properties, a signed letter sealed by the company owner must be included in the documents. The letter must include the details of the authorized person who is to receive the final bill.

How to Apply for DWA Final Bill?

A request for move-out service can be made via DEWA’s office. You can use the online portal too to apply for this service. This is imperative when you are exiting Dubai.

What is the Delivery Duration Fee?

You will receive your final bill at your registered email address within a time span of 24 hours.

More Frequently Asked Questions about DEWA

We have covered both move-in and move-out services above. Let’s have a look at some more of the FAQs about DEWA.

What happens if I do not pay my bill?

If you fail to pay your bill on your time, DEWA will wait for 14 days for you to clear your bills along with a fine. After 14 days of the due date on the invoice, DEWA will disconnect your electricity and water connections.

Does DEWA warn before disconnecting the electricity and water?

Yes, within the time span of 14 days, DEWA sends three reminders to its customers before disconnecting the services. This reminder is sent both via SMS and email.

If I clear the outstanding bills, will DEWA reconnect the services?

This does not take long. Once the bills are cleared, the connections are restored in less than four hours.

How to check my DEWA bill?

EasyPay is a quick method to check your DEWA bill. It is an online app/tool to make payments for bills.

That is all for DEWA’s move-in and move-out services. If you have any more queries, feel free to ask in the comments and we will surely create another guide for you.