restaurants in burj khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the most iconic tower and one of the most talked-about buildings in the world. Currently the tallest building on the planet, it is an attractive tourist attraction and a glorious sight to behold. The enormous tower is home to high-end offices, luxury apartments, and world-class restaurants. The restaurants in Burj Khalifa give a lavish experience to their visitors. A wide range of food selection, exquisite service, and ample ambience is on par with Dubai’s ambience.

A-List of Best Restaurants in Burj Khalifa

The residents of Burj Khalifa get access to the ornate dining spots. These restaurants offer spectacular views and an opulent atmosphere. If you are not abode in Burj Khalifa, you can make a reservation in its restaurants as a guest too.

This article lists Burj Khalifa restaurants to make it easy for you to pick one. Most of the restaurants in Burj Khalifa are located in the renowned Armani Hotel.

At.mosphere Restaurant, Burj Khalifa

Located on the 122nd floor of the sky-high tower, At.mosphere is one of the highest restaurants in the world. Imagine yourself touring the magnificent city of Dubai and ending up at At.mosphere for an exquisite meal. Breakfast options, lunches, dinner, this restaurant has got it all amalgamated with a diverse view of the whole city.

You can also opt for High Tea at At.mosphere. High Tea can be accompanied by crispy roasts and vegetables. Apart from that, there is a wide range of desserts to select from. High Tea is a perfect option if you enjoy tasting multiple dishes and killing boredom with food.

On Tuesdays, At.mosphere hosts a Secret Ladies Night – a perfect occasion for female guests to enjoy at the restaurant’s lounge with music and world-renowned DJs, and unlimited beverages. The timing of the Night is from 9 pm to 12 am starting at 250 AED.

  • Contact: +971 4 888 3828

Armani/Hashi Restaurant, Burj Khalifa

This restaurant in Burj Khalifa is located on Armani Hotel’s concourse floor. The view from this restaurant is majestic – a panoramic sight of the Downtown Dubai skyline.

Armani restaurant focuses on Japanese cuisine mainly. The dishes feature seafood cooked and served in Japanese style. Apart from seafood, the restaurant also serves dishes such as Yakitori, Yaki Mame, and Wagyu Karubi. The restaurant remains open from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm and remains close on Friday and Saturday.

  • Contact: +971 4 888 3666


This dine-in spot is also in Armani Hotel; its location is Concourse floor, Armani Hotel. This dinner facility is the first kosher-certified restaurant in the UAE. One special thing to note here is that this restaurant offers a special takeaway menu for the Jewish Sabbath. The timing is from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm and remains closed on Monday.

  • Contact: +971 4 888 3666


This is one of the finest restaurants in the Armani Hotel. The food, the wines, the atmosphere, everything about this restaurant is superlative. The menu focuses on Italian cuisine, meat-based dishes, and seafood dishes.

One thing that adds to the value is the spectacular view of the Dubai Fountain from the terrace. The restaurant remains open from 12:30 pm to 3 pm for lunch, and from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm for dinner. A strict dress code is followed.

  • Contact: +971 4 888 3666

Armani Deli

Another Burj Khalifa restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Armani Hotel. This restaurant is famous for its European foods, especially Italian cuisine. An opulent attraction of this restaurant is its famous Friday brunch.

If you are a food lover and like to taste different foods in a high-end environment, this is the restaurant for you!

  • Contact: +971 4 888 3666

Armani Amal

This one is for Indian Food Lovers! Located in Armani Hotel, Third floor, this restaurant offers a selection of Indian cuisine, curries with table sides. The restaurant remains open from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm and remains closed on Sunday.

The restaurants in Burj Khalifa are popular dining destinations. If you are planning to pay a visit to any of the above-mentioned restaurants, we advise you to book your table in advance so you do not feel stood up. Also, make sure you are appropriately attired; most restaurants have a strict dress code.

That concludes our list of Burj Khalifa restaurants. Let us know in the comments which place you like the most. Follow Skyloov Blog to know more about life in Dubai.