al barsha pond park

While looking through the window of Al Barsha Mall, a vast green space is sure to attract your attention. Many people were running, riding bikes, and doing other enjoyable activities. You won’t be able to resist the urge to investigate this location. You will search the internet, and hopefully, you will land on this article in which we will tell you more about Al Barsha Pond Park! If you are an outdoorsy person, you will be addicted to going there, especially since a lot of the activities you can do there are free. Sound interesting so far? Let’s take a virtual tour around the place.

Pond Parks Are New Lungs for Dubai

Pond Parks were constructed to add to the greenery in the city of the tallest buildings and other superlatives. In fact, pond parks are a venue for people to relax while working in big cities. People do not need to travel long distances to enjoy relaxing as all five pond parks are located in important and vibrating residential areas around Dubai, namely:

  1. Al Barsha Pond Park
  2. Al Qouz Pond Park
  3. Al Nahda Pond Park
  4. Al Qusais Pond Park
  5. Al Khawaneej First Pond Park

Let’s Get Your Lungs Going at Al Barsha Pond Park

After we have viewed pond parks in general, let us wear our sneakers and head to Al Barsha Pond Park (you can opt for any kind of shoes you would like, but make sure it is comfy!). As you enter, you will be welcomed by the long walking paths that will definitely tempt you to do some exercise. However, this is not the only thing you can enjoy there. Here is a quick yet beneficial guide to the sports you can enjoy in this park.

1. Go Walking, Running, Jogging and Skating

al barsha pond park running track

You can choose the best exercise that suits your body or energy. No matter which one you opt for, you will find a lot of people doing the same around the running track. It is a 1500-meter circle constructed around the pond, with layers of a spongy surface (synthetic track). Every 100 metres along the tracks, there are markings that make it easier for runners to keep track of their progress. Many fans also practice their skating and rollerblading abilities on it because it has a smooth, rubber track.

2. Go Cycling without even having a bike!

cycles for hire at barsha pond park

Al Barsha Park features a well-maintained bicycle course in addition to the running track. If you like, you can purchase a bicycle, but it’s okay even without one! There is a place where you can hire bicycles called Byky Sports Cycle, and they have bikes for every age range. There are several different bike types available, including the Batavus personal bike, the Jeep Revolution pedal go-kart, and the e-scooter.

3. Enjoy an Outdoor gym!

Yes, you read right! This park has outdoor gym facilities that are free for all visitors! So now, you can enjoy both the benefits of exercising and breathing clean air especially when the weather gets nicer in Dubai (As is the case now!).

4. Play Football, Basketball or Volleyball

basketball court at al barsha pond park

The park offers a variety of sports facilities and activities to suit every interest. There are courts for tennis, volleyball, and basketball in addition to a multipurpose sports field. There is also a miniature football field.

5. Go Boating

boating in the pond al barsha pond park

The man-made pond is a great place to see ducks and other wildlife, as well as rent a boat and navigate the emerald waters! The Al Barsha Pond Park boating facility makes this peaceful sport of wading in the waters available for a charge till 10:00 p.m. Rentable pedal or solar-powered boats are your two options for boating. It is without a doubt a summertime favourite in Al Barsha Pond Park.

Time to Relax and Refresh

We bet after those exercises, you started to feel thirsty and tired. Worry not! Al Barsha Pond Park offers you places to relax and refresh. Here is some more about that:

1. Relax on the Benches

pond park benches

It can almost never get better. Al Barsha Pond Park has many benches where you can sit down and relax while enjoying the breathtaking view of the pond in front of you. If you would like to have a deeper connection with nature, you can choose to lie down on the grass there. You will not be the only one doing so. Many families bring their chairs, blankets, and food to have a picnic here during the months when the weather is conducive for such activities.

2. Refuel Your Energy with Some Snacks and Beverages

Small cafeterias and kiosks selling popcorn, soft drinks, and other foods are scattered throughout the park and close to the entrance, catering to guests’ requirements for refreshments.

Time for Some Fun

If you think that this park is built for only sporty purposes, you can be further than the truth. The place still holds many surprises for you to have the time of your life.

1. Let the Kids Have the Time of Their Life

children play area

While you are relaxing, you can allow your children to have a perfect time outdoors. There are a lot of activities to do with your toddlers. As a family-friendly recreation area, Al Barsha Park provides lots of space for kids to play and run around. Most days, you’ll see kids running around, playing with an inflatable ball, and shouting to one another as their parents relax on nearby benches and keep an eye on them. There are up to three playgrounds in shady, sandy play areas. The playgrounds at Al Barsha Park offer a variety of rides for young children as well as swings and slides for school-age children.

2. Attend or Organize an Event

Do not be surprised if you spot some balloons with a banner that says “Happy Birthday”! Al Barsha Pond Park is also an event venue! You can attend or even organize different kinds of events here. Even if hosting public events like fun bazaars and seasonally or regularly occurring food fairs is popular, you may also arrange private events like birthday parties or brunch or dinner gatherings for your loved ones.

3. Pay a Visit to the Flea Market

flea market

The Pond Park holds the weekly Dubai Flea Market, which features the finest deals in town. It is a place where you can purchase or sell used items like toys, DVDs, books, furniture, clothing, and household appliances. Al Barsha Pond Park Flea Market, one of Dubai’s most well-liked open markets, brings in 600 shoppers and 60 private vendors to offer the ultimate second-hand shopping experience. Every month on the fourth Friday, people look forward to this ceremony in Al Barsha Pond Park. You now know where to look and when to get that designer outfit you couldn’t afford at the obscenely pricey shops!

Know When to Go!

Have not you got excited about visiting this park? We have. The park working hours and entrance fees are as follows:

Al Barsha Park is open to visitors free of charge. It is thus one of Dubai’s parks that is open to the public.

Visitors can visit the pond park in Al Barsha every day. The hours are 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. on Saturday and Friday.

As the weather gets nicer in the UAE, the residents will now want to spend a lot of their free time outdoors. People will want to opt for going on desert trips and camping in the desert camps, but going to these kinds of parks is also a very good option.

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