living in jvc

Anyone who has ever hunted for an abode in Dubai knows that the city’s rental market is always full of activity. There is a myriad of options among which Jumeirah Village Circle definitely secures the top spot. Without a doubt, living in JVC is a wonderful experience. But is it really? We have compiled a list of reasons why living in Jumeirah Village Circle can lead to upscale living standards.

Living in Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle is one of the most popular areas to live in Dubai – both among singles and families. There are many world-class dining options, lavish parks, and huge shopping malls, and is very close to many major attractions in Dubai. Here is a list of some benefits you will enjoy while living in JVC.

Easy Transport – Living in JVC Made Easier

Getting a driving license in Dubai is considered the toughest deed in the world. And that is because of good reasons. The traffic in Dubai is a nightmare. For the residents of JVC working in neighbouring communities, it is a relief that the transport is easy via roads. This means you do not get to face a lot of long traffic rows. Also, there is a bus service that takes you directly to the Mall of the Emirates. This makes a JVC resident well connected to the working, entertainment, and shopping spots in Dubai.

Living in Family-Friendly JVC Community

JVC was built as a family-oriented community. It is located away from the commotion of the city making it a perfect choice for families. There are many schools in the area that makes it attractive for families with children. Especially since the JSS International School has started its operation here, JVC properties have seen an increase in interest from parents. Apart from schools, there are several parks and community centres in the area too.

A Myriad of Rental Options for a Living

If you are planning to move to Jumeirah Village Circle, you will be pleased to know that there are many residential options to choose from. JVC can cater to any budget. Apart from renting apartments in JVC, there are wonderful villas and townhouses where you get to upgrade your lifestyle to the full extent. Also, the properties in JVC are mostly developed by Nakheel, Damac, The First Group, or Azizi. This means whether you go for a townhouse or a one-bed apartment, the chances of living an exquisite and high-end life are quite high.

Affordable Rent

Compared to other popular areas in Dubai, there are cheaper apartments for rent in JVC. This is a major advantage of living in JVC as rental costs take up the biggest bite of your budget in the UAE. The rental cost of a studio in JVC starts at 26,000 AED. One-bed apartments and two-bed apartments are 32,000 AED and 55,000 AED respectively while villas and townhouses start at 120,000 AED.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

JVC is full of tracks, parks, and other fitness facilities including gyms. This makes it a perfect choice for people who want to include a fitness hour in their daily life routine. There are vast parks in the neighbourhood with cycle and running tracks. Apart from running cycling in the park, there is a branch of New Life Fitness Gym – a high-end facility for gym freaks. If you live in JVC and cannot incorporate a fitness hour in your routine, that is completely on you!

That’s it! We have tried giving you a glimpse of what life could be while living in JVC. If you are looking for a detailed guide with a comparison of the pros and cons of living in JVC, we have an article to help you out.

Having listed the highlights of JVC, please note that this neighbourhood is still being developed. This means there are many off-plan developments and projects under construction in the area. This makes the environment dusty and noisy wherever the development is ongoing. However, obviously, this is temporary and should not affect your decision of moving to JVC if you plan to stay here long term.

We hope this article provided you with adequate guidance. If you want to see how life is in Downtown Dubai, we have also prepared a list of the pros and cons of Downtown Dubai. You might want to check that out too!