mep companies in dubai

Being an international hub of amazing architecture and high-end buildings, Dubai’s real estate is booming. Not once you will be able to see Dubai without any major project under construction. For any building to function its purpose properly, its electrical and plumbing work should be top-notch. That is why you can find both local and international MEP companies in Dubai.

The word MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. These three gigs form the basis of any building. They determine both the value and longevity of a project. That is why we have prepared a list of the best MEP Companies to help you find a contractor that suits you the best.

Top 8 MEP Companies in Dubai

Al Futtaim Engineering LLC

Top on this list is, of course, Al Futtaim Engineering. They are the leading contractors in Dubai and are known to be the best. They offer a complete package – a full-fledged suite of MEP solutions across all the sectors.

The services they offer are quite extensive and are spread across seven business divisions including MEP, air conditioning, elevators, and escalators. Automotive showrooms in the Automotive Park are an excellent example of their standard.

Contact: +971 42 119 111

Elemec Electrical Contracting LLC

Established in 1993, Elemec quickly climbed the ranks and became well known not only in Dubai, but in the whole UAE and across borders in Oman, Qatar, and India as well. They have worked on many major projects in Dubai and are trusted by luxury and high-rise construction companies for the installation of MEP works. Apart from mainstream commercial and residential projects, they have provided their services to hotels, industrial complexes, warehouses, luxury villas, and airports.

Contact: +971 43 378 685

Al Ittihad Electromechanical LLC

Next on the list of MEP companies working in Dubai is Al Ittihad Electromechanical LLC. Their core services include the installation of electrical, air conditioning, and ventilation systems along with plumbing, drainage, and fire protection services. They are known for hiring the best and most qualified engineering professionals. This makes them able to provide top-notch and high-end services to both residential and commercial properties. Sultan Business Center, Dubai Shopping Center, and Sky Garden are some examples of their works.

Contact: +971 42 855 765

Multiline Electromechanical LLC

Multiline Electromechanical LLC is one of the top Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing companies for the installation and testing of MEP work. They are also among the old ones in this field, providing their services to industrial, residential, and commercial buildings since 1996. They have ISO 9001-2015 certification at their disposal.

Contact: +971 43 434 498

Arms Electromechanical Co LLC

This company is one of the oldest on this list. They are helping construction companies and contractors in the MEP sector since 1983. They are ISO certified and take contracts across residential, commercial, health, and educational projects. Their services include electrical, plumbing, and drainage work, as well as fire protection and HVAC.

Contact: +971 42 695 926

DEMCO Electromechanical Works LLC

The next one on our list of top 8 MEP companies in Dubai is DEMCO. This company provides a wide range of services and is known as a one-shop-for-all. Their services include the installation and maintenance of electrical and plumbing systems. Apart from this, they provide testing services as well. You can count on them with trust as they are experienced both with commercial and residential projects.

Contact: +971 42 524 242

Dartek Electromechanical Works LLC

Dartek is known for its extensive experience across various sectors. They are among the best companies out there as they have worked both on commercial and residential projects. They provide full-fledged services of MEP solutions; their package includes healthcare and installation of air purifiers as well. Hiring them means prioritizing your and your loved ones’ safety first.

Contact: +971 559 675 808

Frankair Electromechanical Co LLC

The last company on this list is Frankair Electromechanical Co LLC. They have made a good name for themselves in this field and they provide complete services related to the installation and maintenance of electrical and plumbing systems. Along with that, they also provide services for fire protection and HVAC system.

Contact: +971 42 675 244

This concludes our list of the top 8 MEP companies in Dubai. If you are on the next step and looking for an interior design company, we have also prepared a guide for that too. We hope this article made it easy for you to hunt for a company and compare several options.