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Mahdi Amjad, founder and executive chairman of Dubai’s Omniyat, is set to announce three new luxury developments in their regional expansion plans. These luxury projects will be ready in the year 2022.

Dubai’s Omniyat has Revealed they are Developing Three New Luxury Developments

While addressing the corona pandemic situation, he explained that the pandemic really boosted Dubai’s real estate sector. Dubai’s excellent handling of the Covid 19 situation paved the way for wealthy individuals across the globe to come to Dubai stimulating positive growth in the real estate market.

Dubai has recently seen a surge in demand for high-end luxury properties. To capitalize on the situation, Omniyat group is planning to bring what they refer to as “the flagship project of Omniyat” during the first quarter of 2022. This project will instigate the two-year expansion plan they have in the pipeline.

Covid 19 and Dubai’s Real Estate Market

With covid 19 providing impetus for the wealthy individuals to cluster in Dubai, the demand for luxury properties and projects peaked. Dubai has managed the pandemic efficiently and the vaccination rates are very high. This makes the persons, who can afford, to come and settle in Dubai especially if their countries are struggling and crippled under covid 19.

According to Mahdi Amjad, “The Covid-19 effect has been a demand driver. We have quite a big migration of millionaires and billionaires from around the world to Dubai and that has definitely helped. We like to think we have contributed to that by producing products that attract these people.”

Moreover, Amjad sees this growth to continue its trajectory upwards in 2022 as well.

Omniyat Group’s Contribution to Real Estate

To mark their territory, Amjad highlighted the achievement of completing the 1,000 planned units Omniyat Group announced previously.

Dubai’s Omniyat Group has extensive experience in building great projects in the city. Their portfolio is vast and diverse. To mention a few, three of the most expensive penthouses in Palm Jumeirah were developed and sold by Omniyat Group. Their portfolio also includes the beautiful mirror glassed building designed by the late Dame Zaha Hadid – The Opus. One Palm, the Pad, and Anwa are also being developed by Omniyat and will be completed within this month.

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