properties for rent in dubai

If you are planning to move to Dubai in search of a better living standard or due to your job formalities, you must be in search of a good place to live that suits both your budget and lifestyle. Dubai’s real estate market is huge; if you dive in, you will come across hundreds of options for both rental properties and properties for sale. Properties for rent in Dubai are many, and we are here to make your search easy so you land in a perfect place.

Properties for Rent in Dubai

First thing first, you must figure out where you stand financially and how much space you require for a good living. Whether you are going for a villa or a studio depends on your pocket and your family. Where a villa promises a lavish lifestyle and big enough space for your whole family to live comfortably, a studio or a one-bedroom apartment offers low rental costs so there is no dent in your budget.

Let’s start with studios and move our way up!

Studio Properties for Rent

International City is a top spot if you are looking for a rental studio in Dubai. Not only it’s excellent in terms of the lifestyle it promises, but it is also promising because of its comparatively low rental costs too. The average rent in Dubai International City is 17,000 AED per annum.

Living in International City is an amazing experience, mainly because of its aesthetics. The neighbourhood is divided into several themed clusters and it has a multicultural community so exposure is a plus point. Also, the studios here are not congested when compared with studios in other areas.

Apart from International City, Dubai Production City and Dubai Residence Complex are also excellent spots to find a studio to rent. They both have a strategic location i.e close to public transport terminals so it becomes easier for you to commute. You can check our detailed guide here: studios for rent in Dubai.

One-bedroom Apartments for Rent

Jumeirah Village Circle or JVC is the best choice to find a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai. It is one of the greener areas in Dubai. Also, Jumeirah Village Circle is located very close to several professional hubs like Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, and Dubai Marina. This makes it an ideal place for professional people who have to go to their jobs or businesses.

If you like multiple choices, Dubai Sports City and Jumeirah Lake Towers are the next best neighbourhoods to find a one-bedroom apartment. They are close to Dubai metro stations, and the shared facilities here are great which really boosts your lifestyle.

Two-bedroom Apartments for Rent

If you are interested in a two-bedroom apartment, Bur Dubai is your favourite spot. Located on the western side of Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai is a historical district of the city. The attractions here are the splendid Dubai Frame and the wonderful lights show at Dubai Garden Glow.

Dubai Marina and Deira are also popular choices with world-class two-bedroom apartments. They are close to commercial hubs; the rents are reasonable and buildings have great architecture.

Three-bedroom Apartments for Rent

To find bigger properties for rent in Dubai, there are many great options like Downtown Dubai and Dubai Silicon Oasis. These neighbourhoods are popular because of their world-class architecture and modern amenities. But no area beats Palm Jumeirah when it comes to spacious apartments.

The manmade island offers unparalleled lavishness to its tenants. Here, the rental cost is high but the amenities offer are worth it.

Villas for Rent

Moving to a Villa from an apartment is a big upgrade in life. Due to the increase in expat families in Dubai, the demand for villas has also risen manifold during the last couple of years.

For Villas, Akoya and Dubai Industrial Park are the best bets. These areas are affordable, equipped with modern amenities, and offer stunning landscape views. Both these neighbourhoods are close to almost every essential necessity. You get easy access to a lavish golf course, schools, gyms, and hospitals.

Dubai Industrial Park is especially popular as it is near Sheikh Mohammed Zayed Road and Emirates Road. This makes it an important housing location as the location is strategic with easy access to commute.

Apart from these two, Serena and Town Square also have some of the best Villas in Dubai. You can check out our detailed guide on Villas to Rent in Dubai here.

This wraps up our article. We hope this helped you in bringing clarity to your mind. This article is unique as it focuses on properties’ space instead of focusing on one area.

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