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We are currently living in the digital age. Not only our social connections and formalities are being held online, the businesses too, especially in the post-Covid era, are operating majorly online. Through an intricate network of trade and commerce, the whole world is connected more than ever before. With all of this digital shift taking place, freight transport companies are emerging more and more. We have created a list of the best shipping companies in Dubai to help you pick your favourite both for commercial and personal purposes.

Best Shipping Companies in Dubai

As businesses shift online, they open themselves to global consumers. To cater to global customers, there must be a strong distribution network for shipment purposes.  Following are some of the top shipping companies in Dubai whom you can rely on for shipping services.

Jenae Logistics

The first one on this list is Jenae Logistics. They offer their services in a unique way for every client to fit their client’s requirements; they offer custom packages to fit the client’s supply chain requirements. For example, they will suggest a timing and space allocation on a sea shipment that suits the client’s interest in the best way possible. This makes them one of the most client-friendly freight companies in Dubai.

The operating magnitude of Jenae Logistics is huge. Companies can hire their services for full-container ocean transport, sea to air movements, air freight, procurement, etc. Like any good company, their services include package/cargo tracking online.

In Dubai, their address is Office 4079, Cargo Mega Terminal, Emirates Sky Cargo Building, Dubai. Currently, Jenae Logistics is offering transport services to Africa, Australia, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, China, Europe, and the USA.

Contact: 800 53 623

Modern Freight Company

Modern Freight Company is one of the top freight companies in Dubai with a grand portfolio and management services. Being in business for more than 40 years and being an ISO Certified company, they are looked up to with trust and deemed as one of the most reliable. In Dubai, their office is located between Junction 6 and 7, Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Offering a combination of ocean, air, and road freight, with services including contract logistics, freight forwarding, eCommerce, project cargo, customs clearance, MFC Concepts, and MFC Extreme, Modern Freight Company is a valuable asset for commercial clients.

Their online services are mention-worthy too. Backed up by an impressive portfolio, their online management tools cater to clients and give them the ability to do transportation management and warehouse management.

Contact: +971 48 819 600

Platinum Shipping and Logistics (PSL)

The next note-worthy shipping company in Dubai is Platinum Shipping and Logistics or PSL. Having been in business since 1994, they have accumulated enough portfolio and experience to be deemed as one of the best in the industry.

Their physical address in Dubai is Office 401, Fourth floor, Shipping Tower, Bur Dubai.

PSL is especially appraised for its freight forwarding services. They are quick and proficient in this department and cover everything from documentation and negotiating while giving the customer the least of the headache. However, their services are wide-ranging, and not limited to freight forwarding only, including sea freight, air freight, overland transport, customs clearance, packing, marine insurance, car lashing, breakbulk, and project handling.

Contact: +971 43 352 970 | +971 554 198 796

Fast Track Shipping

Fast Track Shipping is another strong contender on this list. They are known for big transport and cargo services – containers, bulk shipments, etc; however, they are not limited to that only. Their services include freight management, customs clearance, surface transportation, door-to-door delivery, warehousing and 3PL, Project, and Chemical Logistics. Their office is located at Al Karama in Dubai.

With an extensive portfolio, they offer their customers services regardless of their size. They can cater to small, medium, and large businesses alike. Also, one thing to highlight about their sea freight is that they have refrigerated containers for perishable goods and liquids.

Contact: +971 43 708 777

Seamaster Maritime

Another prominent freight company in Dubai is Seamaster Maritime – a reliable partner for many businesses. They assure customer-friendly services by assuring all the paperwork is ready to be documented. Their address is Al Hudaiba Awards Building, 2nd December Interchange, Jumeirah Road, Al Mina.

Seamaster Maritime is an ISO-certified company that specializes in forwarding and delivery for vessels across global locations. Their network of agents is strong and quick; they handle more than 1,200 vessels per year.

Apart from freight forwarding, the company is also known for its STS operations and services like warehousing, clearance, and door-to-door delivery system.

Contact: +971 44 548 770

And this wraps up our article on the best shipping companies in Dubai but, obviously, that is not all. There are many more companies operating in Dubai that provide international services. These companies include:

  • Linkage International
  • Global Shipping and Logistics
  • Stalco
  • Clarion Shipping
  • Aeon Shipping

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