Dubai always brings new changes. And the latest is introducing co-living rental options. Dubai has been attracting job-seekers worldwide for years and years. After all, this vibrant city is the place where businesses do flourish and dreams do become a reality. Therefore, it is no wonder that people search here for opportunities that they probably cannot find anywhere else except in this magical city. When we say magical, we are very far from exaggerating, as this city does not only offer great chances for hardworking and creative people but also finds ways to support them when they are still novices. When you first come to Dubai, you will need to find cheaper options when it comes to living! In Dubai, the real estate market is now exploring a new option for newcomers, especially those who are looking for better jobs than those they left behind when saying their final goodbyes to their home countries. If this seems interesting to you, or if you are a newcomer to Dubai, keep on reading and learn about co-living rental options, and their advantages.

What is Co-Living?

As the name indicates, co-living rental means sharing a place, a house, or a room with a group of people. When it comes to co-living options, buildings often offer 2 or 3-bedroom units, and a common area that usually has a living room, a kitchen and sometimes a dining room. As far as bathrooms are concerned, they can be private (each room has its own) or shared (one bathroom for all the rooms). The rooms are usually fully furnished and have all the add-on features the residents could need.

The Advantages of Co-Living Rental

Co-living rental offers a cheaper alternative

When several residents rent a room or a space, the rental price will be much less, as it is divided among them. Thus, if you are new to Dubai, or UAE, and still have not landed a job opportunity, co-living is a better option than renting a place alone. In this way, you save some money while still looking for your chance.

They are flexible

This could be the greatest advantage of renting a co-living apartment. In contrast to long-term one-year contracts, the developers of co-living accommodation offer the tenants a monthly payment option. Moreover, they offer a long-term contract that does not entail any penalties when terminated if the tenants informed the owner about their decision to terminate the contract 30 days before. Why is this good for newcomers to Dubai? When you first come to Dubai, it is impossible for you to know where the job you find is going to be located. If it is very far from home, you might want to relocate. With the co-living options, this can be easily done as you can leave home as soon as the month ends, or just give the owner a 30-day notice if you have signed the one-year contract.

You get to know people from around the world

Dubai is both a tourist attraction and a job attraction for people from around the globe. The city of dreams invites people from all over the world to enjoy its sparkling beauty or unrivalled growth opportunities. Thus, it offers you the chance to meet different nationalities and learn about different cultures. Once you live with people from various backgrounds, you get a closer image of these civilizations; you learn about their habits, and even cuisines, and grow as a person.

Co-living rental includes Wi-Fi and utilities

Some of those travelling for work prefer freelance opportunities. Most of these opportunities require you to have a good internet connection. Instead of going to cafes and spending more money, you can just pay for your rent a co-living space and stay home. Those spaces provide Wi-Fi and other utilities.

They can include housekeeping services

Did you know that looking for employment is a full-time job? If you are not doing it that way, you might not get your dream job soon. When looking for a job, you are going to be super busy with interviews, cv edits, and all that kind of stuff. You need every minute to be your own. That is why having a housekeeping service can be of great assistance. It saves you time and you rest assured that your space is always clean.

Co-Living Areas in Dubai

Now that we have introduced the good points that co-living offers, let us guide you to the places where you can find this option. According to resources, Emaar has started a co-living area in Dubai Hills, and other areas are still exploring the trend. In JVC, the first co-living building is already established. So, for those who just arrived in Dubai, would you consider co-living? What other things you might want available in such kind of community?

If you are not looking for a co-living rental property, check out the areas where you can find affordable apartments you can rent out in Dubai.